Honda suspends staff over insensitive remark

The Honda employee said Muhammad Adib’s death was not a failure of the government but God’s failure in healing Adib

Cops look for gang member to assist murder probe

He is believed to be a member of the 08 Spider Banting gang

Armed men rob Speedmart in Klang (video)

All three were armed with parang and using skimasks

Deceased firefighter was set to wed this Saturday

Sadly, his dreams won't be realised

Special branch officer falls to his death

The body of Sofian Shahari, 47, was found sprawled in the parking lot about 4.45am today

Sister delivers in toilet after sex with brother

The baby sustained head injuries after landing in the toilet bowl

Workshop owners chase duo with sword (video)

The workshop owners had allegedly imposed exorbitant rates and the two men had lodged a police report

Local racer dies in crash (video)

The 22-year-old from Simpang Pulai, Ipoh was a young and upcoming racer

Cops nab man who punched bus driver in Penang

With the help of auxiliary policemen, they nabbed the suspect and took him to the police station

Man brutally killed after bar fight

Four cars arrived with men armed with parang about an hour after the fight

Restaurant employs hearing impaired and prisoners

Not only do his workers get to work, they are provided with accommodation

Muhammad Adib's condition worsens

According to The National Heart Institute (IJN), he victim has suffered progressive deterioration of his lung function

Man attacked with swords while having breakfast

Despite being slashed, the 39-year-old victim managed to run to his car about 45 metres away

Enraged man attacks Rapid Penang driver (video)

He was angry because the driver did not open the doors at a traffic light

Outrage over merciless killing of transgender

Nobody has a right to harm or kill others, just because they are different, say Malaysians

Dogs wait anxiously for their buddy at hospital

The touching incident occurred recently at a hospital in Brazil and was uploaded on Facebook by a nurse on duty

Toddler drowns in pail of water at home

The victim's parents were apparently having lunch when he wandered into the bathroom

Transgender beaten to death in Klang

The victim was found in front of a hotel in Bukit Tinggi about 7am on Thursday and rushed to hospital

Woman threatened by man with parang (video)

The man got out of his car and took out a parang before approaching the woman

Anyone out there wants to own a super-yacht?

Equanimity" is up for sale at RM543 million

A father's regret at his son's funeral

The five victims were buried at a common grave in Kampung Kuala Pari Muslim cemetery in Menglembu

Brother makes Ultraman wish come true for sibling

Younger brother makes mentally disabled elder brother's dream come true

Teens in fire tragedy were best buddies

They were all also from the same village

Senior citizen hurt in pre-dawn robbery at home

Two men on a motorcycle suddenly appeared and entered her house

Tun and wife at stadium to support Harimau M'sia

Dr Mahathir and Dr Siti Hasmah were in high spirits to cheer on our national team

Dog killed in possible snake attack on family

The snake was caught after an hour and was very aggressive when captured

Six burnt to death in Ipoh shoplot fire

Fire and Rescue Services personnel said they received a distress call about 1.55pm

Man nabbed for molesting his grandniece

The girl woke up when she she suddenly felt something heavy on her

Baby boy born with 12 toes in Kuantan

Little Muhamad Harras Zaffran arrived into this world healthy and kicking and yes, with 12 toes

Driver of crashed bus probably high on drugs

Investigating officers who went to the location saw the driver, 33, throwing something into a drain

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