Be wary of this spycam lighter

After showing his wife what it really was, the man destroyed the device

Ferrari without road tax for more than two years

Probably this guy was either getting away through some illegal means or just never got caught

Scared to drive because of road rage incidents

Woman driver says she rather use Grab these days than drive

Cops nab dozens of Mat Rempit (video)

They tried to escape a roadblock, but the cops out smarted them

Parent worried over poor condition of playground

There have been pieces of broken beer bottles all over the grounds

Another one drives against traffic (video)

Reader suggests the authorities come up with some severe punishment for these offenders

Send local terror suspects to Syria, says reader

Reader concerned over the number of terror suspects being detained in Malaysia lately

Please, keep your kids out of it, says reader

Reader hits out at children of politicians who he claims do not understand the pain and suffering of the rakyat

Driver caught beating red light in Malacca (video)

A majority of accidents here are caused by our own negligence and stupidity

Student and marathon marshal seriously injured

They were hit by a car from behind early this morning

Rallies and their negative effect on businesses

Business operator in Kuala Lumpur upset over loss of business each time rallies are held

Shocking: Lorry driving against traffic (video)

Endangering his life and the lives of numerous others

Boys caught tasting food from jars (video)

Boys caught on CCTV opening jars at a supermarket and dipping their fingers in

Thieving couple caught red-handed (video)

Parents must think of what impact their dishonest act is going to have on their kids

Dangers of drivers who brake mysteriously (video)

Have you encountered drivers who brake in the middle of the road for no reason at all?

Send stray dogs to Korean meat market, says ADUN

Umno Assemblyman says this will help curb the number of stray dogs and also increase state revenue

Boys caught vandalising laundry in Malacca (video)

The boys used a fire extinguisher to spray into the machines

Malaysians and their notorious road habits (video)

Despite seeing so many accidents and hearing of numerous deaths, we never change

Mum left outside, boyfriend invited instead

A graduating student decided to leave her aged mother outside and invite her boyfriend instead for her graduation

Hail, our knights in shining armour!

Men "too busy" on handphone to notice pregnant woman standing in train

Live maggots found inside bun (video)

Halfway through eating a bun, man discovers live maggots crawling inside

Floor mop used to clean table! (video)

Worker at mamak restaurant seen using floor mop to clean a table used to serve food

Helmet thief caught on CCTV (video)

The thief arrived in a Honda Accord!

Powerbank explodes in car glove compartment

Lucky there was no one in the car at the time

Thieves slit woman's handbag at market

The woman only realised when she was trying to get her purse to pay for something

Please pray for seriously injured fireman

Netizens have since slammed the irresponsible action by the group at the temple

Mum lets little girl pee on train seat

The father said the girl had no choice as there was no toilet on the train

Umno man calls Tun M "dumb as a cow"

He claims Tun Dr Mahathir and his son are cheating the people

Why should we give in to the cabbies?

Ex-cabbie says he made RM7,000 on certain months driving for e-hailing services

Bikers flee when cops arrive (video)

Reader believes the motorcyclists were foreigners without valid documents

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