Empty highway turns racetrack for mat rempits

The empty LDP becomes a race track for motorcyclists in the wee hours of the morning.

Horrific Conditions in Zoo Negara Highlighted

The national zoo is in bad shape.

Disappointed with MBSJ action against hawkers

Hawkers without income since premises sealed. Appeals to MBSJ have fallen fallen on dead ears.

Woman goes crazy as car is towed (video)

Should the authorities have let her off so easily?

Road rage rears ugly head again (video)

The woman was not going to let her attacker get away with it

Speeding lorry threat to other road users (video)

Are these drivers trained or are they unlicensed foreigners?

Who should take the rap for Adib's death?

Should the minister responsible be held accountable for the death of the firemen?

Female driver gone crazy on highway (video)

Finally ended up crashing her car along the highway

Nationwide Express or Nationwide Delay?

Reader upset over late delivery of mooncakes

Man throws used diapers on another car (video)

Man, believed to be a Singaporean caught red-handed

Speeding BMW endangers others on highway (video)

Human error main cause of accidents in the country

Woman loses handbag in broad daylight (video)

Incident alleged to have taken place at the Midvalley Shopping Mall

Watch what this pervert is up to (video)

Woman totally unaware of what this pervert is doing behind her back

Another woman snatch theft victim (video)

The victim suffered minor injuries in the incident in Cheras

Maggots in chicken meal (video)

What would you have done if you found maggots in your food?

Rise in snatch theft cases worrying (video)

Reader says it is up to us to stay safe and avoid such cases

Old folks forced to drink urine and given overdose

A team from the Welfare Department had since visited the home after allegations went viral on social media

Old man caught in the act (video)

Old man seen getting out from van and stealing a woman's undergarments

PDRM...get them (video)

Driver threatened with parang after honking at another

Woman assaulted for wrong turn? (video)

She could have been your wife, mother or daughter

Ticked off for bringing dog to lobby (video)

Man gets abusive after security guard ticks him off for bringing his dog to the apartment block lobby

Singaporean caught changing registration plates

Probably out to break every traffic rule in Malaysia

Vellfire with same plates spotted (video)

Owner of a Toyota Vellfire spots another which looks alike and has the same registration plates

What are trying to imply, Shafee?

Reader upset over Shafee's statement over Najib's alleged selfie in court

Oopss..Datuk Seri did it again (video)

The fracas was allegedly over a woman

M'sians main concern now crime and economy

The poll said the global average of people who think their country was on the wrong track was 58%

Outrage over bullying of innocent boy (video)

Netizens have urged the cops to nab and punish the bully

Maybe he thinks he is driving an 18-wheeler?

Motorist seen taking up three parking lots in Cyberjaya

Teen molested in ambulance on the way to hospital

Ambulance staff had groped her breasts and even violated her with his finger

Calls for action against bully (video)

Despite an apology by the bully's father, netizens are still demanding for action against the bully

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