Argument between couple turns ugly (video)

The incident occurred outside the Bangsar South condominiums about 9pm

Powerbank explodes in car

Lucky, there was nobody in the car at the time

M'sian nabbed smuggling live embryo in India

Following this, Indian authorities are now investigating a possible smuggling ring involving live human embryos

Man takes nude bath in fountain (video)

Guess the heat was just too much for him to bear

Principal to be removed for segregating students

The decision by the principal was illogical and only a school manager who is shallow would do such a thing

"My dad should be alive today," says daughter

The ambulance with a patient inside actually went to a Petronas station to refuel!

Maid flees with valuables, baby left unattended

Fortunately, the security guards found the baby before something unfortunate happened

And yet, another chemical dumping incident

Several unknown chemical substances were believed to have been dumped at a nearby pond and flowed into Klang River

Who is to blame for chemical waste? (video)

Do we blame the government or was it a deliberate act of sabotage?

Another shocking animal abuse case

A man noticed the motorcyclist with the dog howling in pain just as he stepped out of a temple

Reader: IMU student needs some serious help

Yesterday, Gerakan Youth lodged a police report against him for claiming ethnic Chinese men had a small penis!

Many still living in poverty in Malaysia (video)

Family of three found living in a makeshift hut next to a water tank

Child alone as father buys phone top-up

She could have been kidnapped easily

Should he be allowed to become a doctor?

Netizens want IMU to take stern action against him

Armed men rob Speedmart outlet (video)

Far too many incidents lately

Outrage over brutal killing of crocodile

The incident is believed to have happened in Batu Satu, Miri.

Man caught masturbating in front of bus stop (vid)

A student spotted the man wearing a black jacket, face mask and safety helmet on his motorcycle

Cops appeal for info on snatch theft (video)

Two suspects rode up from behind and grabbed her handbag before fleeing

Sanitary towels mysteriously found in stroller

A woman who was leaving to Melbourne with her family was surprised to find a strange packet in her child's stroller

Changing a flat tyre on the fast lane?

The authorities should take action against him for posing such a danger

How do you explain this, DBKL? (video)

How come foreigners are allowed to set up stalls all over the place?

Shocking video of man punching dog to death (vid)

The incident took place in China and a reward has been offered. Please be warned - viewer discretion strongly advised

Mother locks child alone at home and leaves

Neighbours who heard the child cry managed to give her some food through a window

Foreigner caught taking upskirt videos of women

The man had placed his handphone on recording mode in a shopping bag to take the videos

Chinese tourist victim of snatch thieves (video)

Apparently, she did not suffer any serious injuries, but was clearly shaken by the incident

Domestic violence victim appeals for help (video)

He has threatened to kill himself and also their children

Number of robberies, snatch thefts worrying (vid)

Reader claims women are no longer safe to walk alone in the country

So, who do you think is at fault here? (video)

Did the DBKL officers abuse the powers given to them?

Illegal "booking" of parking bays in Cyberjaya

Reader urges authorities to come down hard on those responsible

Death caused by "Momo Challenge"?

According to the mother, she discovered her son’s online search history which included the “Momo Challenge"