Old man robbed in broad daylight (video)

Reader worries about safety of his aged parents each time they leave the house

Beaten up for telling men to stop smoking

The men even warned the owner that they would use their car to wreck the stall later

Metal thief caught in the act (video)

His actions could lead to someone losing their life

Child left alone sweating & crying in locked car

Apparently, the little girl was left locked inside for about 30 minutes

Total loss car up for sale again in Mudah,my

Following the accident at the Jelapang toll plaza in Ipoh, the car was declared a total loss and beyond repair

Woman finds metal object in peanut snack

Foo Yen Pyng said she was eating her peanut snack (kok zai) when she suddenly felt something hard and sharp

Hit and run suspect flees (video)

A witness managed to record the incident

Lecturer who asked students for cash to pass exams

The student apparently had no choice but to hand over the jewelry or risk getting low marks or even failing her exams

Openly smokes with dog by his side (video)

It is people like him who give Malaysians a bad name

Woman almost robbed by "court" officials

The "officer" told her that she had an unpaid debt totaling RM56,000 and that they were there to repossess items

First they bathe nude, now he walks around naked

The man who had earlier jumped in a water fountain naked with a woman was now spotted walking around naked

Woman almost died after taking slimming pills

She was rushed to hospital with liver complications and almost died

Stuck in estate after following Waze directions

The woman had apparently followed directions from Waze and ended up stuck in a palm oil plantation

Couple go skinny-dipping in KK fountain

The couple, believed to be tourists, were seen topless and hugging each other in the fountain

Any solution to abandoning babies?

A newborn baby girl was found abandoned in an apartment in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Ex-Minister is a pedophile?

Claims that on one occasion, the ex-Minister brought two underaged girls to a meeting

When will we ever learn?

Despite numerous warnings, people continue to go the beaches for a dip

Poor state of some Malaysians

Reader moved by plight of boy who turned up in over sized attire on first day of school

Beware this pick pocket trio (video)

While the shopper is busy browsing through clothes, the trio shield each other while one of them steals

Retreaded tyres and road accidents

It was revealed that over 10,000 accidents that occurred in Malaysia each year were caused by retreaded tyres

Parents deprive students of seats in canteen

The sight of the child eating alone on the floor prompted a teacher to write a Facebook post about the situation

Close encounter with a road bully (video)

Hope the victims lodged a police report so the cops can put this maniac behind bars

Total disregard for warnings issued

Typical of our attitude, we rather ignore these warnings till tragedy strikes and it is too late

Woman almost molested in LRT train

During the journey, she said she suddenly felt something touching her

Reader claims cop asked for money at roadblock

Reader managed to record the entire incident, including the cop's face

Man almost hypnotized by Arabian couple

He claimed he felt dizzy and wanted to vomit while speaking to the Arabians

Kidnap attempt at mosque? (video)

Lucky for the little girl, the mother came out just in time

Beware of these scammers, guys (video)

They would first approach their victims and ask if they can speak Mandarin before asking for money

Two cars, three lots at Taiping KTM station

Two inconsiderate drivers had deliberately taken up three parking lots at the Taiping KTM station

Same sex couple beaten up by guards (video)

Netizens are upset why the guards took the law into their own hands

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