Singaporean caught changing registration plates

Probably out to break every traffic rule in Malaysia

Vellfire with same plates spotted (video)

Owner of a Toyota Vellfire spots another which looks alike and has the same registration plates

What are trying to imply, Shafee?

Reader upset over Shafee's statement over Najib's alleged selfie in court

Oopss..Datuk Seri did it again (video)

The fracas was allegedly over a woman

M'sians main concern now crime and economy

The poll said the global average of people who think their country was on the wrong track was 58%

Outrage over bullying of innocent boy (video)

Netizens have urged the cops to nab and punish the bully

Maybe he thinks he is driving an 18-wheeler?

Motorist seen taking up three parking lots in Cyberjaya

Teen molested in ambulance on the way to hospital

Ambulance staff had groped her breasts and even violated her with his finger

Calls for action against bully (video)

Despite an apology by the bully's father, netizens are still demanding for action against the bully

Shocking number of snatch thefts (video)

What would be the best way to curb such cases?

Tourist takes a dump in PD beach!

The woman is apparently a tourist from China

Monkey menace in Tropicana Heights (video)

Residents fear for the safety of their children

Motorcyclist who just could not wait (video)

This impatient motorcyclist could have caused a major disaster

Teacher found dead after popping weight loss pills

A teacher in Bangkok was found dead in a bedroom in her dad's house after allegedly taking a dose of weight loss pills

Africans clash in Bkt Bintang area (video)

Reports said they were intoxicated at the time of the incident

Woman's screams help save child (video)

The woman's brother who heard her then chased the suspect on his motorcycle

Driver loses control and smashes into house (vid)

The driver was reported to be injured in the incident

Loan sharks splash paint on houses, cars in Klang

Apparently, a similar incident occurred just about two weeks ago

Motorcyclist dies in freak accident (video)

He was hit by a tyre which came off a lorry

Driver flees after causing accident (video)

The registration number was noted and the matter has been reported to the RTD

Claiming abuse, 3 maids flee Tan Sri employer

All three claimed they were punched and slapped, as well as had their pay and passports withheld

Woman's hand phone suddenly explodes

According to reports in the Chinese media, the 58-year-old woman had placed her phone just next to her pillow

Myvi caught going against traffic on NPE (video)

The video was taken by a motorcyclist who also tried to get the driver to stop

Argument between couple turns ugly (video)

The incident occurred outside the Bangsar South condominiums about 9pm

Powerbank explodes in car

Lucky, there was nobody in the car at the time

M'sian nabbed smuggling live embryo in India

Following this, Indian authorities are now investigating a possible smuggling ring involving live human embryos

Man takes nude bath in fountain (video)

Guess the heat was just too much for him to bear

Principal to be removed for segregating students

The decision by the principal was illogical and only a school manager who is shallow would do such a thing

"My dad should be alive today," says daughter

The ambulance with a patient inside actually went to a Petronas station to refuel!

Maid flees with valuables, baby left unattended

Fortunately, the security guards found the baby before something unfortunate happened

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