What right does MIC have to criticise others?

Reader claims MIC Exco member hid in his office when he went to ask him for help

Special rooms in schools for teachers to relax

This is aimed at helping them de-stress and create a more conducive learning environment

Biker lands in drain trying to avoid car (video)

Even a traffic cop was seen helping others pull the motorcycle out of the drain

Man sets himself on fire after tiff with partner

The 21-year-old man suffered almost 90% burns on the body

Tony F quits FB because of the amount of "hate"

He said Facebook could have done more to stop some of this

Students eat pizza for first time - tks to teacher

The teacher found out none of her students had eaten pizza, so with her mum's help decided to make it for them

Beware companies which do not make Socso payments

Socso will also be taking legal action against the factory concerned for not making the due payments

Wise to welcome back those who left to join IS?

Malaysians who left the country to join the IS will be allowed to return provided they comply with enforcement checks

So, what kind of dog was it? asks reader

"My dog ate the ATM card," is a pretty common excuse, but a dog inflicting a wrist injury ... well, that's a new one

Is shutting down our national carrier a good move?

Shutting down troubled Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is an option the government should consider

Skillfully takes handbag from shopping cart (vid)

Reader cautions women to be extra cautious, especially when out shopping with a toddler

Man takes dip in rooftop water tank (video)

Best to stick to bottled or cans drinks the next time!

Stays at PPR, but travels business class

And to add salt to the wound, she was identified as a frequent traveler

RM150 and a note to renew road tax

A girl found RM150 in an envelope and a note left by a stranger on her car windscreen

EPF guide unrealistic, says reader

For a single guy living in the Klang Valley, rental alone is RM400 a month for a small room in Petaling Jaya

Is this really necessary? (video)

Netizens had expressed mixed feelings over this kind of leadership

Semenyih: All is not lost yet, Pakatan

If PH makes the right moves now, there is sufficient time for them to regain the trust of those who have swayed

Drives off with nozzle from station (video)

The driver did not realise the nozzle was still inside the tank of his car when he or she just drove off

Hit and run along Kesas Highway (video)

Hope other motorists noticed the registration plates of the car responsible

What is 11 months compared to six decades?

The damage left behind is extensive as most Malaysians know and logically, it would surely take a long time to mend

Flying cars? I don't think so

Why waste time and money on a flying car? There are many more serious issues at hand that need attention

Man cuts up LV bag to prove a point (video)

He was upset over the way the staff at an LV store treated him and his friend

The joy of live's simple things (video)

Life may be simple for some folk, but as long as there is family and love, it can be great

Student leaves note, RM100 after hitting car

In the note, the student explained that he or she was going to the laundry and had forgotten to pull the handbrake

A week's allowance for having long hair?

Is it hair to fine a university student RM100 just for having long hair?

Childcare centres at all workplaces?

Reader hopes the government will make it compulsory for all offices to set up a childcare centre

Youths need to recognise the prospects of TVET

Many youths do not see the potential in this industry and the kind of money they can earn here

Stepped up security following lift robbery

Passengers can now request a staff member to escort them to their car

How many of you been in this situation before?

That is all the balance left and not even end of the month yet

RM10k reward for info on lift attacker

Anyone with credible information on the attacker will receive a RM10k reward