Single mother cries foul

Glaring show of injustice and inequality before the law

Virus free nasi goreng up for grabs!

Reader spots woman selling fried rice putting up label to convince customers her products are virus free

What now Mr AG?

Pressure on AG to reopen gay porn investigations after fresh evidence found

Senseless act of animal cruelty (video)

Man seen dragging dog tied to his motorcycle

Please pray for her, Malaysia

In hospital with Influenza A

How did the car end up on the other side? (video)

Innocent van driver hurt in the collision

Too busy buying numbers to notice alligator

Wonder where the alligator came from

Time to quit smoking and save money

Father who gave up smoking managed to save more than RM5,000 to date

Preserve our forests before it is too late

Reader has great time at exhibition which he says opened his eyes on the importance of our forests

Technical gadgets and the price we pay (video)

Husband tapes wife's hands to her handphone after she ignores him during a meal together

The pain of losing his dear kitty (video)

Reader shares video of little boy crying after his cat was knocked down and killed

The truth behind Nora Anne's death must prevail

Police must be transparent in their investigations

Couple face murder charge over road rage incident

A widowed woman and a child without a father following the senseless incident

Through all pain and sorrow, forever by your side

Child puts up moving picture of a husband waiting patiently at his wife's bedside at hospital

Gay porn fiasco and the final outcome

The rakyat are eagerly waiting to see what would be the final outcome of the gay porn episode

Dangers of stopping under tunnels (video)

To avoid such incidents, it would be best to simply park your motorcycle along the side and stand some where safe

Sad scene as kid watches dad being nabbed (video)

Following this harrowing incident of seeing her father being detained by the cops, she would probably need counselling

Son's painful Raya after losing beloved mother

He still sends messages to her old phone

Kitty was shocked but is fine

Lucky kitty escaped with just a minor jolt

Women who don't cover up asking for trouble?

Clothes are not an indication of sexual consent

Well, you did say green cars only right?

Owners of green cars use literal interpretation

Undie sniffer caught in the act? (video)

Man caught taking neighbour's undies left drying outside

Please guys, no dogs in the pasar malam (video)

People must be more sensitive to the other races

"Hot" dance at wedding not right? (video)

Son of a certain celebrity received plenty of backlash from netizens who felt he went overboard

How a simple act of honesty paid off for a farmer

The family had already borrowed from relatives and friends to pay for their son's care at the hospital

Why graduates are earning less these days

Graduates these days had to be really outstanding, especially in soft skills to stand out in a crowd

Future uncertain for Malaysian girl in Sibu

For one, she could not sit for her SPM as she was unable to get a MyKad

Why turn everything into a racial issue?

These people should let the inquest do it's job and not try throwing a spanner into the works

MB to resign as club president over sale of beer?

Many of them come there to enjoy their beer and other alcohol and for years, this has never been an issue

Would PH have won without Tun M?

If not for Tun Mahathir playing the lead role, many doubt PH could have defeated BN at all

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