Rich man messes with wrong guy (video)

Reader says the rich guy probably thought he could throw his weight around

Victim of pub murder was merely doing his job

The victim was also forced to turn off the music and insisted those in the pub leave

To punish or not to punish?

Couple were caught stealing some metal railings to be sold to buy milk powder for their toddler

Mental disorders and rejection by society

Five of the 10 leading causes of disability are mental disorders

Netizen tells Hannah Yeoh to use lipstick

So, should a male politician be told to use cream on his face?

Syed Saddiq was not using RM4k sneakers

His shoes were only RM377 and presented to him by his brother

New K9 unit for Sabah Fire & Rescue Department

These dogs were specially trained in The United Kingdom and were sold at RM110,000 each

Muslim woman seen carrying dog to safety (video)

Reader believes this woman deserves an award. Well done!

Was anti-ICERD rally a waste of time? (video)

Melia Serena, who is Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir's daughter, claims Vision 2020 was lost because of them

Push ups for Thai traffic offenders (video)

Reader suggests this sort of punishment for minor traffic offenders here

When a picture paints a thousand words

All the money in the world cannot buy the warmth, love and hugs a father can give

Baby found abandoned at changing area

Social worker asks if there is any solution to this problem

Overloaded lorry tips over in Kemaman (video)

Fortunately nobody was injured in the incident

Council takes away Uncle David's soft toys

Reader upset why council went after this man who sells the toys to pay for his cancer treatment

Mufti: Nothing wrong in wishing Merry Christmas

Mufti Datuk Seri Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri said the greeting was merely to express good tidings

Mat Rempit gets aggressive with cops (video)

Cops forced to use force against a Mat Rempit who allegedly turned violent

Should 1MDB be part of our History syllabus?

Ex-teacher feels including 1MDB as part of our history is a waste of time and non-beneficial

Actress does not know how to pump fuel? (video)

Local actress claims her life is a mess since her personal assistant went on leave

The life of stray dogs in Turkey

A team to search for street dogs and take them to special places where they give them a shower and vaccinated

Our future generation? (video)

Viral video shows schoolboys going wild as school breaks for the year

Son surprises parents with new car (video)

Parents moved to tears as son presents them with new Perodua Bezza

Help for dogs in Turkey to make it through cold

Reader hopes one day, animals in Malaysia will be treated better

What really happened to our injured fireman? (vid)

Was the innocent fireman beaten up or hit by the fire truck?

Baby found abandoned at surau

At least the baby was left in a place where it can be easily found

Guy runs off with Puma shoes? (video)

Reader shares viral video of a guy who "runs off" with a pair of brand new Puma sports shoes

Handouts rather than hard work?

Malaysia would soon be overtaken by its poorer neighbours because its people expect handouts rather than work hard

Cop involved in rape of underage girl

The 38-year-old cop, who is married has since been detained and under investigation

Call to boycott Giant on Dec 1 & 2

Facebook user says Giant broke the law by allowing free beer tasting and sampling

Man tries to enter girl's car at food court

The man had tried to enter her car through the back door

Anyone want to buy a Bangla or a a free wife?

Reader shares two pictures to put a smile on your faces

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