Lessons from a little kid (video)

A beautiful lesson from a little kid on kindness and generosity

Cops give Orang Asli family ride home in rain

These are the kind of cops we need

Hats off for offering family ride in the rain

This man could not bear to see a mother and her 15-month-old toddler getting soaked in the rain

Surgery, all because of a bead from a head scarf

A bead from the mother's tudung entered the toddler's ear and got lodged inside

To spend RM21,000 on a handphone?

Reader says he would not spend more than RM1,500 on a handphone

So, do we call this police brutality? (video)

To me personally, this kind of person deserves a kick or two, says reader

Aunty who "jumped" from apartment was sleeping!

A man thought the woman had jumped from her apartment only to realise later, she had fallen asleep

The true face of poverty in our country

How a woman had approached her for some money to get some food and also asked her if she had any sanitary pads

Confusion over "cross" symbol in Penang

Penang Mufti, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor wants the authorities to investigate this

Old woman falls victim to snatch thieves

Though legally wrong, netizen says these culprits deserve the street justice meted out against them

Woman almost raped by Grab driver impersonator

The woman did not check the car model nor registration number before she got in

Washing cars to help daughter through school

Reader moved by plight of father who was seen washing cars to raise money to buy textbooks for daughter

Stay clear of issues surrounding our royalties

Following public pressure, Cisco Asean today said it fired an employee accused of insulting the monarchy

Suicides among students worrying

Are parents placing too many expectations on children?

FB user shares experience with thoughtful couple

The couple had carefully picked out a non-Muslim cashier to handle their beer

Wasted time seeking help from politicians

Reader claims he visited political party representatives a total of 15 times, but got nothing

Painful loss of man's best friend (video)

How many of us are simply too attached to our furry friends?

We smokers are not some kind of criminals

Reader wonders if the smoking ban is actually going to work in favour or against the people

More keen on taking pictures rather than helping

FB user says people were more busy taking pictures and videos rather than lending a hand

This picture has won the hearts of netizens

Three Muslim women who go out of their way to feed strays in their area

Taking no-smoking ban to the extreme (video)

Hilarious video of men making sure they follow the no-smoking ban

Anyone know this place?

Hats off to Pos Malaysia for actually finding this place

Racist calls on Muslims to boycott 99Speedmart

he person called on Muslims to place priority on Muslim-owned businesses and boycott 99Speedmart

Man sends wife pic of him and "beautiful woman"

The wife was so upset she blocked her husband from her social media accounts

Backlash for feeding stray dog

I have to ask: Do the majority of Malaysian Muslims really think dogs are harmful?

Gd night, I going back to rest!

An amusing message from a Grab driver to his passenger

"Missing" daughter found with family member (vid)

Be careful, especially when in a crowded mall with little kids

PM: Speaking English will not make you less Malay

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been repeatedly stressing the importance of English

Fireman decides to give injured cat a home (video)

The cat was apparently beaten by someone and could not even walk

What really happened to Muhammad Adib?

Lawyer, Siti Kasim claimed that the injuries sustained by the victim does not sound like the work of a mob

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