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Written by: Bernie Yeo | 02 Apr 2021 17:14
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02 Apr 2021 17:14

A zoo in Xichang, China has recently gone viral after a visitor spotted an unusual sight inside its African lion enclosure.

A visitor named Tang shared a video showing this sign seen outside of the lion's cage:

Image via SCMP

In the video, Tang then moves on to show the actual animal that was seen inside the enclosure: a slightly confused Golden Retriever:

Image via SCMP

After the video went viral on Chinese social media, Yuanjiashan Zoo explained that it was a mistake.

According to South China Morning Post, an employee explained to Tang that the lion was moved to a different location and they had not taken the sign down.

Tang, however, noted that there were no lions seen anywhere else in the zoo.

And as it turns out, Global Times reported that the lost-looking dog actually belongs to the owner of the zoo.

The zoo has since apologised and said that it now has lions.-


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