Two kids attacked by mentally ill woman

Written by: mottaman | 28 Oct 2018 13:26
Zairi showing how the woman was pulling his daughter's hair - Image from NST
Written by:
28 Oct 2018 13:26

A mentally ill woman allegedly kicked and pulled the hair of two children at a supermarket in Kuala Pilah recently.

According to Zairi Yusoh, 36, he was out shopping with his daughter, Nur Damia Qistina, 5, and his two-year-old niece, Nur Elisya Zaidi about 5.15pm.

He said they then went to a food court to have a meal and the two girls were playing nearby.

"Suddenly, I heard my daughter screaming and when I rushed over, I saw this woman tugging her hair aggressively," he told The New Straits Times.

He said a tuft of Nur Damia's hair was ripped out of her scalp and a struggle ensued.

"The woman proceeded to kick my niece in her stomach and a group of people came over to help."

Zairi said he was made to understand that the woman was in her 20s and was suffering from mental health problems.

"What is regrettable is that her father was also at the food court. As a parent, he should have monitored his daughter's actions, especially since she is mentally ill.

"What's worse is that the man did not even apologise despite witnessing the entire incident unfold," he added.

The woman, Zairi said, was arrested by police after members of the public called 999.

Zairi, he said, lodged a police report at the Melang police station at 6.18pm the same day.

Meanwhile, Kuala Pilah district police chief Superintendent Haslah Bachok confirmed the incident, saying the woman has been sent to Tuanku Ampuan Najihah Hospital.

"An investigation paper was not opened because the suspect is a mental patient," he said

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