Three Malay buddies part of lion dance troupe

Written by: mottaman | 03 Feb 2019 14:59
Picture from The Star
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03 Feb 2019 14:59

True Malaysian spirit indeed.

Three buddies from Kuching, all Malays joined a lion dance troupe five years ago as they were fascinated with the movement.

Today, the trio - Mohd Fitri Abdullah, Mohd Al Amirul Akmal and Mohd Syafiq Abdullah are busy training with the rest of the troupe for the Chinese New Year celebration.

“We’ve always enjoyed watching lion dance performances since our childhood, so when the opportunity came we all joined the troupe together.

“What we like most is the music because without it there will be no lion dance,” Mohd Fitri, 21, said.

Mohd Syafiq, 20, said it was quite difficult at first to learn the lion dance, especially the leaping moves.

Amirul, 21, said it was important to be diligent in training.

“It takes hard work and stamina to be a lion dance performer. We usually train twice a week, but when Chinese New Year or important performances are coming up, we train every night,” he said.

According to The Star, for all three, race was not a problem in joining the troupe, which also has members from other ethnic groups.

“We’re like family. At meal times, they will prepare Muslim food for us but we all sit together at the same table. There is mutual understan­ding among all of us,” said Amirul.

Association president Lim Chong Lee said all were welcomed to join the troupe.

“In the past our members were mainly from the Chinese community but these days we have members from the other races.

“This is a good practice. Here in Sarawak we can see people sitting together with other races, exchanging views on our cultures and celebrating together,” he said.

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