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Written by: Bernie Yeo | 18 Mar 2021 17:53
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18 Mar 2021 17:53

Subang residents seeking to place potted plants and grow fruit trees and vegetables in shared spaces outside their home are now required to collectively obtain permission from the Subang Jaya City Council (MBSJ) through the Resident Representative Council (MPP).

“MBSJ has a policy for controlled tree planting and landscape beautification,” MBSJ Corporate and Strategic Management Department deputy director Azfarizal Abdul Rashid said in a statement.

“This policy is applicable in open spaces, green areas and buffer zones within the administrative area of the Council and it is subject to the Park By-Laws (MPSJ) 2007.”

The Council said the by-laws prohibits residents to dig any land or relocate grassy soil in the area. This is because the area is meant for community recreation and to create a green, healthy and comfortable living environment.

“Uncontrolled planting of trees can cause trees to grow messily and have no landscape significance, uniformity or harmony. Placing flowerpots randomly is an eyesore and potentially produces habitats for Aedes mosquitoes. The planting of fruit trees attracts mosquitoes and ants that have become common complaints from residents.”

Azfarizal also said there was a tendency among some residents to dominate the area, leaving no room for other members of the community to use the space comfortably.

Subang residents told Malay Mail yesterday MBSJ officers have been conducting rounds in residential areas to give homeowners verbal notice to clear off plants growing on council land.

Residents said they were told to remove their potted plants from the front yard and clotheslines as well as flower pots from the back of their homes. – Malay Mail

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