Student jumps off fourth floor of school building

Written by: mottaman | 07 Jan 2019 13:02
Written by:
07 Jan 2019 13:02

Parents and teachers of a 17-year-old female student remain puzzled as to why she jumped off the fourth floor of her school building today.

The incident occurred about 6.50am at a school in Alor Setar.

The student suffered serious head injuries and also fractured one of her legs when she jumped off the building.

A chair was also found near the location where she jumped.

The victim was rushed to the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital ICU by ambulance.

Police were also called in and were still investigating the cause of the incident.

Recently, there have been reports of students suffering from cases of depression and the authorities have since urged parents and guardians to be extra alert.

Those who believe their children are suffering from any such problem are urged to seek help immediately.

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