So, who was this mysterious 'kakak' at the pond?

Written by: J.R. | 11 Jan 2018 09:03
NIK Nur Ariesa Nik Muhd ​​Zurairi, (left) and his cousin, Nurul Husna Ab Hadi, both 6, went missing for hours and were found dazed and confused. Pic Berita Harian
Written by:
11 Jan 2018 09:03

Was is it a case of their imagination running wild?

If it was not, then who was this mysterious kakak they were referring to? 

These are the burning questions that are now on the locals' lips in Kampung Tok Malek, Tumpat in Kelantan after two six-year-old girls who were missing for several hours turned up later, claiming a mysterious kakak (older sister) took them to play beside a pond.

Nurul Husna Ab Hadi and her cousin Nik Nur Ariesa Muhd Zurariri were reported missing after their kindergarten session in Kampung Tok Malek, Tumpat, ended at 12.30pm on Monday.

Nurul Husna’s mother Hazama Hassan, 44, realised her daughter had not come home by 12.45pm and rushed to the kindergarten, the Star had reported. 

She also lodged a police report.

However, the daily also quoted Kosmo as reporting that the girls were found at 2.35pm at separate locations.

Nurul Husna was found at a durian orchard 100m from her house, while Nur Ariesa was found at a bamboo grove 50m from the kindergarten.

According to Nurul Husna, an older girl (kakak) had tugged on her arm and asked her to play near a pond.

A neighbour, Zawiyah Ismail, 48, said the girls were found tired and drenched, with leeches on their bodies and their bags filled with water and mud.

The mystery lingers on. 

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