Single mother jailed again upon release

Written by: Victor Charlie | 11 Jan 2018 19:32
- Pic from NST
Written by:
11 Jan 2018 19:32

A 62-year-old single mother who had just been released following a six-month prison sentence was sent back to Kajang Prison by the Petaling Jaya magistrates' court on Thursday.

According to the New Straits Times, Aishah Omar had been released from Kajang Prison on Wednesday after serving her sentence for cheating before a team of policemen arrested her in front of the prison gate.

However, her freedom was short-lived after the magistrate sentenced her to 10 months' jail after pleading guilty to dishonest concealment of more than RM3,800 in September last year.

Clad in a brown shirt and jeans, the mother of three burst into tears after magistrate Azali Ibrahim meted out the sentence.

Two women in their 30s, believed to be her daughters, also could not hold back their tears in the public gallery and went out of the courtroom to hug the accused after the proceedings.

A man who could not be identified was seen hugging Aishah when she was ushered out of the courtroom to be taken to the lockup.

Aishah was charged with dishonest concealment of RM3,800 belonging to Goo Sue @ Goh Sue Peng, 42, which she deposited into her own account.

The offence was committed at The Wringley Co 1803, Level 18, Uptown 1, Jalan SS21/58 here on Sept 9.

She was charged under Section 424 of the Penal Code which carries maximum five years’ imprisonment or fine, or both, upon conviction.

Aishah, unrepresented, in pleading for a lenient sentence said she suffered from high blood pressure.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Abu Arsalnaa Zainal Abidin pressed for a deterrent sentence.

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