Sad tale of former national footballer

Written by: mottaman | 03 Dec 2018 09:44
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03 Dec 2018 09:44

A former national footballer who used to play defence for the country has now ended up sleeping on the streets of Kuala Lumpur each time he's in town for treatment.

This sad tale of the Penangite in his late forties is that he cannot afford the hotel rates due to his dwindling savings and has no choice by the make the streets his home.

This happens a few days every month when he is down for his treatment at the National Heart Institute (IJN)

The man who used to play in the national football team as well as for several state contingents had to seek shelter along a five-foot way in Jalan Hang Lekiu.

“I can’t get a stable job due to my condition. I have been living like this whenever I come to Kuala Lumpur for my treatment at IJN in the past eight months.

“I don’t live here all the time. It’s only for a few weeks a month. Once my treatment is over, I go back to my hometown,” said the man who does not want to be named.

According to The Star, he said he would continue living like this until his scheduled surgery at the end of the month for a pacemaker to be put in his heart.

“I tried staying at the Kuala Lumpur Homeless Transit Cen­tre in Jalan Pahang before.

“But my clothes and bag were stolen. So, I decided to keep living in the streets,” he said, adding his ex-wife and three children had no idea of his condition.

“I don’t want them to worry,” he said.

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