RM13k for a 241kg grouper

Written by: mottaman | 08 Feb 2019 15:29
Written by:
08 Feb 2019 15:29

A fisherman in Labuan got the catch of the decade when he reeled in a monstrous grouper yesterday.

The giant fish was described as a "fish from a golden time"  by local fishmongers and weighed 241 kg.

The giant fish, known locally as keratang, was later sold to a fish noodle businessman for RM13,255.

The fisherman, who sells ocean resources to fishmongers here, had landed the grouper with a rod and reel after a 30-minute battle in the waters near the Sumandak Charlie oil rig.

The fisherman brought his catch to the Labuan wet market to be sold.

The Semarang waters near Labuan are popular for deep sea fishing. 

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