Rape in lock-up tarnished PDRM's image, says ADUN

Written by: mottaman | 19 Jan 2021 14:31
Written by:
19 Jan 2021 14:31

THE rape of a 16-year-old girl by a male suspect while detained in the Miri police station lock-up on Jan 9 is the reason the public have no confidence the police would protect them from offences or crimes.

It is also the reason why many offences go unreported as the people do not have the confidence their cases would be resolved and the offenders punished according to the law. 

“And what had happened in the Miri police station has reinforced that general perception. What this 16-year-old girl did in reporting the rape was brave and recommendable,” said Bukit Assek assemblywoman, Irene Chang.

According to reports in The New Sarawak, rape is one of the most demoralising crimes violating human rights. And as a rape victim, it is never easy to report it.

“The victim would have to deal with the stigma and the suspicions of whether she had in anyway done anything to encourage the incident. She would now also have to relive the nightmare during the hearing against the suspect”.

What is most unacceptable in this incident was the fact that the suspect had the audacity to commit the offence in the police station, which is supposed to represent a place where law is upheld. 

This begs the question - of what part, if any, had the police officers who were on duty, played in the rape incident. 

“How could the suspect get hold of the keys to the girl’s lock up and commit the rape without anyone raising an alarm?,” questioned Irene.

Rape is an offence which cannot be committed in seconds. Nor could it be committed without any physical struggles in most cases. 

“It is therefore inconceivable how the incident happened under the so-called supervision of these officers without anyone coming to the help of the victim. 

This has seriously compromised the people’s view of the police as a legitimate legal authority,” she stressed.

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