Please beware of this lunatic on the road (video)

Written by: mottaman | 27 Jan 2019 15:34
Written by:
27 Jan 2019 15:34

Guys, beware of this Perodua Viva driver, others believe he may be suffering from some kind of mental illness.

First, people believed he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as he was seen driving dangerously on the Penang Bridge.

Then, a few days later, another motorist caught him doing the same thing from Kampung Jawa to the Jelutong Expressway.

He was spotted swerving dangerously all over the road and apparently, in one incident, he almost knocked down two motorcyclists.

Following the incident, someone forced him to stop by the side and a police report has since been lodged.

Hopefully the cops will ensure this lunatic stays off the roads for good.

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