Move aside and make way for the Penang Boss!

Written by: J.R. | 11 Jan 2018 17:28
This motorcyle with the plate that sounds like Penang Boss has become famous in social media. Pic Facebook
Written by:
11 Jan 2018 17:28

This picture of a scooter parked by the roadside, presumably in Penang, has been the talk of netizens since someone uploaded it on social media yesterday. 

It has quickly made the rounds, no not because of the quite attractive bike, but more for its registration number plate -  PNG 8055.

Which when you put in fancy lettering, is made to look and sound like Penang Boss!

Besides wanting to know who the owner was, many netizens were in awe of the number and wished that they were the proud owner themselves.

Some said they were quite surprised the number plate ended up on a rather ordinary bike rather than a more expensive vehicle as the number plate would have cost a bomb to bid with the RTD. 

Well you never know, maybe the owner himself wishes to keep a low profile, like a humble boss! 

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