Man masturbates in front of girls in KL (video)

Written by: mottaman | 08 Nov 2018 18:39
Written by:
08 Nov 2018 18:39

A netizen has taken to Facebook to warn other women about a man she and her friends encountered recently at Starbucks Reserve in Four Seasons KLCC.

Apparently, she and her girlfriends were enjoying a cop of coffee while sitting near the window about 10.30pm recently.

They then noticed a man standing outside and smoking.

At first, the thought nothing of it till the man turned around and opened his pants.

He then began masturbating while looking at the girls through the window.

One of the girls turned away in disgust, while another tried to ask for help.

However, as the man appeared to be drunk, nobody wanted to get involved for fear of their own safety.

The Starbucks staff could only apologise to the girls.

After finishing the business, the man just put his pants back on and walked away like nothing happened!

So, girls stay alert and be warned about this man.

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