Malaysians being held in Cambodian prisons

Written by: mottaman | 08 Feb 2019 12:10
Picture from The Star
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08 Feb 2019 12:10

Sadly, the poor are over and again victimised and manipulated by irresponsible quarters, being promised of a brighter future in neighbouring countries.

Due to this, many have ended up in prisons around the world, being victims of human trafficking.

According to recent reports, there are 47 Malaysians being detained in a prison in Cambodia as of December last year.

From this, 44, including girls aged between 18 - 20 years old, are from poor Sarawakian families.

These unfortunate victims were apparently promised high-paying jobs in return for a few hundred US dollars.

Julau MP Larry Sng said they were brought into Cambodia in staggered journeys by a company in December and later housed in a private home.

“After a few weeks, no jobs were forthcoming and they grew restless.

“Then the police came to arrest them for illegal online gaming, which they denied,” said Sng who was alerted about the incident by one of the victims’ parents who approached him for help.

Sng said the Malaysians were held in a lock-up for a week before they were transferred to a provincial prison on Dec 16 and being held there since then.

“Some of their families have gone to Cambodia to find out where they are.

“They have not been brought to court or charged or remanded,” he said.

According to The Star, Sng said he understands that Wisma Putra was looking into the matter and that the Malaysian embassy in Cambodia was aware of it.

“Embassy officials have visited them to see their condition, and at this moment that’s as much information as we have,” he said, adding that he was working with several Sarawak NGOs to bring up the matter to the relevant authorities.

Zunita Sedini, whose 21-year-old son Yusuf Islam is among the victims, appealed to the authorities to help bring her son and the others home.

“He wanted to go to Cambodia to work. He told me he would come back for my birthday in January, but he didn’t come back,” said Zunita.

“I hope the authorities can bring all of them back. I pray that they are safe and well.”

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