Loads of banned fireworks seized

Written by: mottaman | 12 Feb 2018 11:40
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12 Feb 2018 11:40

This is an issue that crops up every festive season.

With the Chinese New Year just days away, large quantities of banned firecrackers had slipped pass Malaysian checkpoints and found their way into stores of a major hypermarket chain last week through a licensed fireworks supplier.

Three banned firecracker brands – Red Crackers, Bee and Sky Dragon – all under the "Happy Boom" label, were openly displayed at the stores and sold for under RM20 per packet, leaving shoppers puzzled if the ban on the items had been lifted by the government.

While many celebrating the upcoming festival had grabbed the opportunity to buy the firecrackers at the hypermarkets mainly in the Klang Valley, others took to social media questioning the legitimacy of the sale, which is said to have begun early last week.

It was not long before police got wind of the banned firecrackers on sale and raided the Cheras branch of the hypermarket in Taman Midah on Friday at 9.30pm where a general manager, storekeeper and a promoter of the fireworks were arrested and about RM50,000 worth of the banned items seized.

The three are being investigated under the Explosives Act 1957.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Comm Datuk Mazlan Lazim, who confirmed the arrests, said it was illegal to set off or possess firecrackers.

Permits for the sale of fireworks are issued by district police and only 14 types, including sparklers and others products under the Happy Boom brand that are deemed safe, have been approved for sale to the public.

Sources said police believe the approval on the Happy Boom brand had created a loophole for dealers to promote the sale of firecrackers tagged under the same brand.

It is learnt that the fireworks supplier was licensed by the Home Ministry.

According to theSun, police have allowed the hypermarket to continue its fireworks sale but only for the 14 approved types.

Federal police corporate communications head SAC Datuk Asmawati Ahmad said in a statement today the ban on the sale, purchase, possession and setting off of firecrackers and fireworks remains in force, except for the Happy Boom and "Pop Pop" types.

She said although the two types were allowed, a permit is still required for its sale.

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