Insect bite leaves her with "pouty" lips

Written by: mottaman | 04 Jul 2019 11:14
Picture from Facebook
Written by:
04 Jul 2019 11:14

Facebook user Rambut Jelita @ Kak Ida sure has a good sense of humour.

Few days ago, she was riding her bike when she suddenly felt something on her lips.

At first she did not think much of it and also does not know what kind of insect actually landed on her lips.

Ida who works at a salon said when she reached work, she noticed her lips slightly swollen but did not think much of it and went on with her day.

However, later the swelling became worse and she began itching, prompting her to go to a doctor.

The next day, she went to work using a purdah. Two days later, the swelling completely healed and she was back to normal.

Recounting her episode, she said several netizens called her "Angelina Jolie" due to her "pouty lips".

"I do not feel offended at all. It was an experience for me. My advise is for motorcyclists to always use a visor," she added.

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