Her birthday wish was a day at the beach

Written by: mottaman | 10 Mar 2019 08:44
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10 Mar 2019 08:44

For most of us, going to the beach is no big deal and we can go whenever we want.

However, for seven-year-old Pearl Amberly, most of the time, her playground has been in the hospital.

She was born with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, which is a condition that makes her movements very limited.

Visiting the doctor on a monthly basis, if not more, is part of her life.

This year, when her mother Anna Marie Jami Gait asked what she wanted for her eighth birthday on March 11, Pearl answered she wished to go to the beach.

A doctor who cares for her heard about her wish and came up with the idea to make her dream come true.

Dr Yeap Boon Tat and friends organised a rainbow and pony-themed party for Pearl in the hospital yesterday and got McDonald’s to provide food for the event, before bringing her to the beach.

He teamed up with the Medical Students Association, Nursing Students Association and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) for the event.

Pearl, who loves drawing and colouring, said she had never seen the beach and that she was having a really good time.

According to The Star, her parents and siblings let her play with the sand for a while before cleaning her up and helping her back on her wheelchair.

The students and organisers also played games with her.

Anna, 34, said Pearl is a very happy person despite her disability.

“She smiles all the time,” said Anna, adding that she is glad her other children aged between three and 17 love their sister very much.

“We try our best to spend our time together as a happy family because we don’t know when this will end,” Anna said.

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