Gutsy shop owner fights robber (video)

Written by: mottaman | 31 Oct 2018 17:13
Written by:
31 Oct 2018 17:13

Am not too sure where this occurred, but this is one gutsy shopkeeper.

The two over minute video shows a man pretending to buy some items from a grocery shop when he suddenly pulls out a knife and tries to rob the owner.

However, unexpectedly, the shop owner puts up a brave fight and manages to subdue the robber.

The robber tries hard to escape, but the shop owner manages to hold him down.

A car is seen pulling up as the video ends and the shop owner signals to them to come into the shop.

Netizens who saw the video have urged the public not to be deceived by a person's appearance as the robber in the video seems looks pretty decent.

Guess you can't trust anyone these days.

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