Girl saved after uploading pics of dead dad

Written by: mottaman | 07 Jan 2019 15:48
Written by:
07 Jan 2019 15:48

A six-year-old girl from Michigan, United States was rescued after she posted photographs of her dead father and unconscious stepmother on Facebook.

Upon seeing the photos uploaded by her granddaughter, her grandmother immediately called the police, as reported by the Detroit Free Press on Friday, Jan 4. 

The girl was rescued and sent to her biological mother following the call last Thursday.

Police investigations revealed the girl’s dad and stepmom who were both overdosed from illegal drugs are yet to be identified. 

Her father was found dead, while her unconscious mother was taken to the hospital where she is currently recuperating.

Mount Morris Township police, after receiving the grandparent’s call, went to the house of the girl’s father, the report said. 

The officers heard the girl screaming; apparently, a pit bull was chewing on the face of the girl’s dead father.

They found her dad’s corpse as well as the unconscious body of her stepmother. The authorities also found out that the girl did not have anything to eat for more than 24 hours.

The girl told the police she tried to wake them up to no avail, the report stated. She then tried splashing water on their faces but it did not work as well. It was during then that she decided to post a photo of the two to ask for help, earning her a “resourceful and bright” tag from the authorities.

“Her actions, we believe, actually saved a life,” police chief Terence Green told the publication. “This 6-year-old went through a traumatic event — and she saved a life.” 

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