Form One student attempts suicide (video)

Written by: mottaman | 13 Mar 2019 11:38
Written by:
13 Mar 2019 11:38

A Form One student from a school in Banting tried to take his own life by jumping off the school roof after he was apparently rejected by a girl.

The incident occurred yesterday at SMK Methodist in Banting, Kuala Langat about 1.30pm.

Fortunately, firemen and Civil Defence Department personnel who were called to the scene managed to rescue the boy in time.

Kuala Langat police chief Superintendent Azizan Tukiman said police received a call from the school, informing them about a student who had climbed up the roof.

“The police and the school’s liaison officer then rushed to the scene.

“After about half-an-hour of coaxing, the student managed to be rescued. He suffered minor injuries on his arms during the rescue operation and he has been sent to Banting Hospital for treatment,” he said.

The one minute and nine seconds video of the suicide attempt had since gone viral on social media.

The New Straits Times reported Azizan saying that the student admitted to trying to commit suicide because he was frustrated with a girl.

“He said he had met the girl yesterday and expressed his love for her but she rejected him.

“Apparently, she has feelings for someone else, leaving the boy frustrated, which then led him to attempt suicide.

“He even wrote a suicide note,”Azizan said.

According to the teen’s teacher, he is a good student, quiet and has no discipline problem.

Meanwhile, Azizan said the school and the student’s parents have yet to lodge a police report on the incident.

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