Firemen help get kids out of locked car

Written by: mottaman | 01 Dec 2018 12:03
Picture from Berita Harian
Written by:
01 Dec 2018 12:03

Firemen were called in to help rescue two toddlers who were trapped in their car after their father stopped to drop off something to a neighbour recently.

The incident occurred about 6.35pm in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya.

The man had left his three-year-old daughter and nine-month-old baby boy in their Mini Cooper with the engine on.

The father had left them in the car and when he got back, found the doors locked from the inside.

When the father was unable to get the daughter to open the door, he called the firemen for help.

The firemen then used various items, including a torchlight to distract the daughter and eventually managed to coax her to unlock the door.

The firemen took about 20 minutes to get the door opened.

Fortunately, the children were fine and all ended well.

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