Don't go hysterical over all pink wrist straps

Written by: T.S.Ann | 05 Aug 2020 10:16
Lim showing the Husky and the Gang pink wristbands at her pet cafe at New World Park in George Town.
Written by:
05 Aug 2020 10:16

MALAYSIANS are becoming very sensitive to seeing anyone donning a pink wrist strap these days.  That's the colour of the strap used by the Health Ministry for those ordered to do home quarantine for Covid-19.

However, a few people found themselves on the wrong side of the Internet mob for donning the ubiquitous pink item, through no fault of theirs. Their "wrongdoing"? They had visited a pet cafe in Penang which gave out pink wrist straps to patrons to interact with their canines.

The pet cafe’s owner, Cora Lim, was surprised because they had sold thousands of the pink entry passes in the last two years without issue.

“Pink is my favourite colour and so that is the colour scheme of my cafe. Customers get to interact with 10 Siberian huskies and an Alaskan malamute all day with the pink entry passes.

“Tourists who come usually bring the bands back as a souvenir, ” said Lim as reported in The Star.

There are also 20 dogs of various breeds such as corgi, shiba inu, golden retriever, poodle and Jack Russell terrier in the cafe.

Asked if she would change the colour of the bands, Lim said only if authorities ordered her to do so.

On Sunday, the couple, a 21-year-old man and 22-year-old woman from Butterworth, was spotted wandering near Penang Hill’s car park and someone took a photo of them.

In the social media post, the person who took the photo claimed to see the words “High Risk” on the pink wristband.

It actually says: “Husky and the Gang”.

Many people on social media praised the vigilance of the person who first took the photo.

But there were others who criticised the act as raising unnecessary alarm without verifying the offence.

“I would step forward and confront anyone wearing a pink wristband. If I just take a photo of such people and post it on the Internet without being sure myself, it might cause a panic, ” commented a netizen.

“They queued to buy tickets for the Penang Hill train at about 3pm on Sunday but after waiting an hour, they cancelled their plans and went to a shopping mall instead.

“Checks with the Health Ministry found that they were not listed as persons under surveillance. They have never even left the country, ” said ACP Soffian.

People entering Malaysia from abroad must wear pink wristbands and undergo a 14-day quarantine.

The bands can only be removed by medical officers after the final day of quarantine or they will be fined RM1,000.

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