Dogs help sniff out RM60 mil worth of drugs

Written by: mottaman | 09 Feb 2019 11:37
Picture from The Star
Written by:
09 Feb 2019 11:37

Thanks to the help of 16 Labradors, the Customs Department recently scored a major success.

The newly acquired dogs, from Holland sniffed out three million Erimin 5 pills which were stuffed in motorcyclc exhaust pipes in Port Klang.

The drugs valued at RM60 million weighed 480 kgs and were enough for the consumption of about 300,000 users.

According to The Star, the contraband was found in one of two 6m containers from Taiwan which arrived at the North Port in December.

Customs director-general Datuk Seri T. Subromaniam said the documents on the containers stated that it contained auto-parts.

“We became suspicious when until Jan 1, no one turned up to claim the containers.

“We decided to bring in the dogs and when they sniffed something in the exhaust pipes, we cut them open and found the pills,” he told reporters at the Customs (Narcotics) headquarters in Kg Jijan.

Subromaniam said a 26-year-old company director has been detained to assist in the investigation.

“The shipping and forwarding agents will also be questioned.

“We believe there are more people involved in this,” he said, adding that it was normal for auto-parts to be imported from countries such as Taiwan, Japan and Korea but could not confirm whether it was the first time such tactic was used.

Subromaniam said the case was also the first success for the Customs and Police narcotics branch joint committee which was set up three weeks ago to check drug smuggling.

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