Doc uses Grab after car blocked at hospital

Written by: mottaman | 27 Sep 2018 14:34
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27 Sep 2018 14:34

A doctor from Malacca, Dr Aniah was forced to use Grab to fetch his child from school after his car was blocked by a double-parked car for more than 20 minutes.

However, unlike what most others would have done, he did not puncture the tyres nor smash the windscreen.

Instead, the doctor left a note for the other car owner which read:


Please leave your phone number when you double park. I had to take a cab to fetch my kid from school after waiting for 30 minutes. I hope you do not make this mistake again.

From Dr Aniah.

He said when he returned to the hospital after fetching his kid, his car was still blocked and again, he used Grab to get back home.

He said he told the Grab driver about his experience and the driver asked him to make it viral on social media.

The doctor told him all he wanted was to get back home and he just accepted everything that happened as fate.

"The next day, I hitched a ride to work from a friend and when I got to my car, I saw a note," he said.

The note read:

"Greetings, I am really sorry for my mistake. I was rushing to get my wife admitted into the maternity ward that I forgot about my car. I am truly sorry for my mistake and will not repeat it. SORRY".

"When I read the note, I felt relieved that I did not resort to anything stupid which I would have regretted later.

"I cannot imagine if the person concerned walked back to his car with a newborn baby and found the windscreen smashed," said the doctor.

He added, "I cannot control what happened, byt I can surely control my actions and thoughts".

Well done doctor. Now, how many of us can follow this example?

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