Delivery rider gets surprise RM100 tip

Written by: mottaman | 30 Apr 2020 12:22
Written by:
30 Apr 2020 12:22

It was raining heavily when delivery rider, Muhammad Zulhairi Abdul Malek got a delivery order.

The delivery fee was only RM5 and he set out not expecting anything more than a small tip.

He was to collect a cake from a shop in Alam Damai, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur and deliver it to the buyer just two kilometres away in Damai Perdana, also in Cheras.

When he collected the package, the person handed him the pacakge, a piece of cake for him and an envelope.

“Since it was raining heavily, the customer told me to wait for it to stop before I make the delivery.

“I felt bad as I had waited for almost 45 minutes and it was still raining, so I decided to brave the rain and make the delivery,” he said as reported in MStar.

When he made the delivery, the customer also handed him an envelope which he did not open at the time.

“I did not even get a chance to say thank you as it was pouring at the time so I just rode off,” he said.

After the delivery, the 27-year-old stopped at a bus stand to eat the cake he was given when he decided to open the envelopes.

“I was shocked to see that each envelope contained RM50. Getting RM100 was indeed a huge tip considering the distance between the delivery was so short,” he said, adding that he was soaking wet at the time as he did not have a raincoat.

He said he was very thankful for the RM100 tip and urged his fellow riders to be careful, especially with the pandemic and heavy rains.

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