COVID-19 positive model apologises for Ipoh fiasco

Written by: Bernie Yeo | 16 Apr 2021 12:18
Images from Viking Village Bar of Music (Facebook) and 小巷子·麻辣·Malaysia (Facebook)
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16 Apr 2021 12:18

A woman has apologised for bringing distress to people around her and businesses she visited in Ipoh, Perak, after her COVID-19 result came back positive.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the woman's social media accounts stated that she is a Chinese national and a freelance model who resides and works in Malaysia.

It is learnt that the woman returned to Ipoh from another place on April 9. While she was in the city, she went to screen for COVID-19, but she did not immediately undergo self-quarantine.

Following that, she visited a few places in Ipoh before receiving news that her result has come back positive.

Instead of remaining mum about her situation, the model decided to publically share all the places she visited, while offering her apologies to members of the public and businesses that have been affected by her mistake.

Her action has since received criticism from netizens. But the model said that she expected the backlash the moment she decided to become transparent about her situation.

In an Instagram Story, she stressed that she is aware of the gravity of her negligence and that she is not giving excuses for her wrongdoing.

Image from Miyuki Foong (Facebook)

In another Instagram Story, she listed out all the places she visited on April 9 and April 9 — which is a Friday and Saturday.

On Friday, April 9

8.40pm -10pm: Xiao Xiang Zi @ SOHO Ipoh

10pm - 11pm: The Alley @ SOHO Ipoh

On Saturday, April 10

11am - 12pm: Big Tree Foot @ Pasir Pinji

12pm - 1pm: BP Healthcare @ Ipoh

1pm - 2pm: Ba Wang Cha Ji @ Ipoh Parade

6pm - 7pm: MOI & KO Hair Studio @ SOHO Business Centre Ipoh

8pm - 9.30pm: Warehouse - A Food & Brew Company @ Taman Jubilee

10pm - 11.40pm: Viking Village Bar of Music @ Kampung Jawa

The model said she was told to undergo a COVID-19 screening between 11am and 12pm on Saturday.

Sin Chew Daily reported that on the day she first arrived in Ipoh, she was not aware that she came into close contact with a COVID-19 patient.

The model said that she had faced similar encounters in the past, whereby she was called to undergo COVID-19 screening because she came into close contact with a patient from one of the places she visited. But she said her results for the virus always came back negative.

In the latest encounter, when she was told to undergo COVID-19 screening again, she thought it would be another false alarm. On top of that, she added that she did not have any symptoms of the virus.

"I am not trying to forcefully (assert myself that I am not guilty), I am just laying out the current situation with everyone," she explained.

"I dared to announce I got COVID-19 and I already expected what kind of attack I would face next."

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