Close call for myBurgerLab

Written by: SAYS | 17 May 2021 17:24
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17 May 2021 17:24

myBurgerLab recently took to Facebook to recount a close call with the authorities where they were accused of violating standard operating procedures (SOPs) under the Movement Control Order (MCO)

myBurgerLab co-founder Renyi Chin, told SAYS that on Sunday, 16 May, several police officers passed by their outlet in Bandar Sunway around 5.15pm and saw an employee eating inside the store.

"They took a photo of him, and asked him to come outside. They then said that it was an MCO violation because he was dining in, and told us to meet at the police station nearby as they were going to issue a RM25,000 fine," he said.

The restaurant management told SAYS that the store had set up a barricade in order to block off any customers from entering the outlet.

The staff member involved was merely having a meal before his shift.

Chin also said that the staff is a part-time worker and is currently a university student.

While he was eating, he was not wearing a uniform as he had not clocked in for his shift yet.

"It was also clear that he wasn't a customer, he was eating a packed meal he purchased from another place nearby," Chin added.

The management then went to the police station, along with the employee, to rectify the situation.

They were then released with a warning and were not issued a fine.

At the police station, they were able to prove the staff's employment and were let off without a compound.

However, when asked about where staff members can eat in order to abide by regulations, the authorities said, "Be smart. Hide."

In the Facebook post by myBurgerLab, they noted, "Are staff suppose to hide in the corner to eat? Must all employees have a uniform to be considered a staff? What are the rules? Half-baked SOPs and MCOs are dished out as you please, we have no choice but to just abide and follow."

"We are posting this because you need to know. All fellow business owners and stakeholders must know. Just in case you [experience it] too." - SAYS


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