Caltex manager who hires homeless man wins hearts

Written by: CT | 23 Jan 2021 15:47
The petrol kiosk in Bachang, Malacca. - photo
Written by:
23 Jan 2021 15:47

A manager of a Caltex petrol station in Malacca has won the hearts of Netizens after he not just offered a job to a homeless man but went out of his way to care for the latter.

The manager of the station in Bachang posted on the kiosk's Facebook that a stranger came by the office on Jan 1 wanting to find employment.

"Since we wanted to expand our car wash team to help in our income, I told him he may start on the coming Monday.
I was curious. His appearance was unkempt and he looked definitely troubled. I asked him where he was going after this.

"He said that he was going to find the nearest bus stop to find a place to sleep on the chairs. Taken aback, I realized he was homeless," he wrote on the post which has been shared over 600 times.
This was when the manager decided that he could start work on the day itself instead and fed the man from East Malaysia as he "looked hungry".

The homeless man used to be a lorry driver in Kuala Lumpur for a few years but was laid off because of the Movement Control Order. He later worked as a waiter at a hawker stall but lost that job as well.

He had wanted to go to Penang to look for a job but only had enough money to buy a bus ticket to Malacca.

"Weeks gone by, and things became terrible for him and he has been sleeping in bus stops. It was hard to find food and he would starve for days. I was dismayed by the things he told me.

"During my lunch break, I went back and quickly packed all my unused clothes to give him. I also called up some friends who would be able to help find a rented room for him temporarily.

"Personally I have gone through similar hardships. The horror of losing everything is something most people cannot fully comprehend. What more, living from day to day not knowing whether you will be sleeping with an empty or full stomach in a cold bus stop," he wrote.

The posting received praised from many Facebook users. One user, Ho Peck Choo wrote: "less all the good people who would give a helping hand to those who need help. I've always liked to fuel up at this station, now.. I will go back or my fuel here whenever possible. Thank you, you've done well Caltex Bachang! ❤️"

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