Bomoh called in to help S&R operation

Written by: mottaman | 02 Feb 2019 08:29
Picture from NST
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02 Feb 2019 08:29

A bomoh is believed to have been called in to assist in the search and rescue of a tourist from Finland who went missing in Pulau Tioman about 11 days ago.

Nakitin Aleksis Elis Valtteri, 20, was reported missing on Jan 22 by Jamsari Ismail, 47, who said he made the young man’s acquaintance a day before the incident.

In a bid to help the police, General Operations Force, Fire and Rescue Department and Civil Defence Force find the missing man, Bernama observed a group of locals being led by someone, believed to be a 'bomoh' (shaman), into the jungle near Paya Beach Resort around 3pm yesterday.

Meanwhile, Rompin police chief, Deputy Superintendent Azli Mohd Noor, after heading the SAR operation which was in full swing this morning, told Bernama that despite the lack of progress, the team will continue searching because they believe Valtteri is still on the island.

"I do not think the victim has left the island because his possessions - RM6,000, passport, visa and clothes - are still in the house he was staying at.

"We also found a plane ticket to Doha dated March 23 in his bag,"Azli said.

CCTV footage from a nearby resort captured an image of Valtteri between 7am and 8.30am, on Jan 22.

Police investigations show the victim arrived in Malaysia on Jan 18 and came to the island on Jan 21, before he was reported missing the day after.

Azli said the SAR operation has covered areas encompassing Kampung Tekek, Kampung Juara, Kampung Paya and Kampung Gemilang on the island. 

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