Woman almost robbed by "court" officials

Written by: mottaman | 11 Jan 2019 17:35
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11 Jan 2019 17:35

Guys beware of this scam where someone pretends to be calling from the courts and that you are being served with a summons.

A woman took to Facebook recently to highlight how she was almost robbed following such a scam.

She got a call from an "officer" from the Penang High Court telling her they were outside her front door to serve a court document.

She told them she was at work and they said they would then proceed to her office.

When asked what the letter was all about, the "officer" told her that she had an unpaid debt totaling RM56,000 and that they were there to repossess items from her house.

Tan then told them she did not owe anyone, but the "officer" got upset and scolded her saying it was not his problem and that he was just doing his job.

At that point, Tan suspected something fishy and told the "officer" to instead meet her at the Jelutong police station and that she would follow them from there.

The "officer" agreed and said he would meet her there.

He also warned her of the "consequences" if she did not show up.

As agreed, Tan went to the police station and tried calling the number again, but the phone was off.

She waited few minutes then went in and related the incident to the cops.

According to the cops there, this was something the scammers were doing these days. Once inside your house, they tie you up and rob you.

Stay alert folks.

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