Woman almost molested in LRT train

Written by: mottaman | 01 Jan 2019 15:26
Picture from Facebook - for illustration only
Written by:
01 Jan 2019 15:26

A woman had taken to social media to warn others of perverts looking for victims on board the LRT train.

She claims that during a recent trip, a man who got on the train sat close to her though there were other empty seats at the time.

She said the man placed a bag in between them.

During the journey, she said she suddenly felt something touching her and when she pushed the bag to the floor, she noticed the man quickly pulling his hand away.

Shocked, she said she shouted at him and wanted to take his picture.

However, she said the man quickly got up and walked away before getting off at the next station.

She said she had since lodged a complain with RapidKL and they have promised her an investigation.

She has urged other women to be cautious when using public transport.

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