Woman almost duped by Indonesian maid scam

Written by: MT Reader | 20 Jan 2019 16:12
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20 Jan 2019 16:12

I understand many Malaysians are desperate to get maids fast and in that rush, many have fallen victim to numerous scams.

I am writing this because my mother was also almost duped into parting with RM8,000 in such a scam.

She contacted someone through Facebook who promised her that he could get her a maid from Indonesia within a month.

He asked her to deposit RM8,000 into an account which he said would be used as "processing" fees for the maid to get to Malaysia.

Once in Malaysia, he said my mother would need to pay another RM3,000 for the permit.

Lucky my mother consulted us before making any payment and when we called that person and said we would like to meet him in person, he disappeared.

Obviously another scam.

Please be careful people. I know many of us require a maid urgently and the scammers know that too.

From my experience, never pay anything up-front, only pay when you can physically see the maid in person.

Also, another thing you have to be wary is what I learnt from a friend, where the so-called agent will actually work in cohorts with the maid who will run away a week or so after all payments are made.

Basically, there is a no win situation here and we have to be extra careful and take as many precautions as possible.

Sarah Daniel
Shah Alam

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