Woman almost died after taking slimming pills

Written by: MT Reader | 10 Jan 2019 15:48
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10 Jan 2019 15:48

Recently a friend of mine was introduced to some slimming tablets by her colleague who promised her that it would work and that she could lose up to 5 lbs every month.

All she had to do was to take three tablets daily before food and this would miraculously help her shed weight.

I warned my friend to seek some expert opinion before taking the tablets, but she totally ignored me.

My friend is already slim, but she wanted to lose more weight and attain a "model like" figure apparently.

She took the tablets for three months and claimed she was losing weight though I did not notice any difference.

The next month, she was rushed to hospital with liver complications and almost died.

Apparently, doctors later told her that whatever she was consuming contained some kind of steroids which were used in animals to enhance their performance.

Lucky for her, doctors were able to save her and now she has to go for follow-up treatments every month.

She has spent all her savings now on medical care and luckily, her parents are helping her out.

However, others out there may not be so lucky, so it is best to stay away from these kind of thing.

There are all kind of products these days in the market, so people please be warned.

Rositah Norsham

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