Why bring racism into everything, asks reader

Written by: MT Reader | 24 Jan 2019 13:42
Written by:
24 Jan 2019 13:42

Why is it that Malaysians need to turn everything into a racial issue?

When a fireman was killed during the temple chaos, they made it racial and now, they are doing the same with the Penang Bridge tragedy.

Why can't people just accept it that Malaysians were killed and as a nation, we mourn their loss together.

Some people need to put a racial spin to everything, calling people, Cina, Melayu and sorts.

One thing for sure, as long as this pathetic attitude exists, the nation with never progress.

However, it is encouraging to see most Malaysians are against racism as numerous netizens slammed those who took to social media with such racial slurs.

Saleem Usain

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