Who is this "VVIP" in a low-cost unit?

Written by: mottaman | 26 Feb 2019 10:43
Written by:
26 Feb 2019 10:43

As the saying goes ... "kabel mesti kuat".

Wonder who this "VVIP" is staying at a low cost flat to the extent that he can get away with such renovations.

So many questions arise looking at this illegal development.

How can someone who has the money to carryout such renovations be allowed to stay in a low cost unit which is for the poor?

Secondly, where did the person concerned get the approval for such an  extension?

And of course, what we all what to know, how much under-table money did he pay?

I guess all this was during the previous BN regime where anything can be done with some money passing hands.

Well, let's hope it is not the same with the PH administration.

Time for the authorities to pay this "VVIP" a visit.

Thaddeus Ong

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