When will we ever learn?

Written by: MT Reader | 06 Jan 2019 16:07
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06 Jan 2019 16:07

Who do we blame when we hear and read about more people drowning in the sea?

Well, despite numerous warnings from the authorities about the dangerous weather conditions, people continue to remain stubborn.

I recently came across some reports of people still jumping into the sea despite warnings of great danger.

We are going through some pretty unpredictable weather now and our seas are very rough.

I read that even huge vessels were facing difficulties during this tough weather.

Why can't people take these warnings seriously and stay clear.

The sea is something we cannot take for granted and all it takes is one strong wave and we end up being swept to the middle of the ocean.

I sincerely appeal to those concerned to take these warnings seriously and stay clear from danger.

Why do you guys need to keep taking unnecessary risks?

Chan Heng Seng

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