What's so special about this curb, MPSP?

Written by: MT Reader | 13 Feb 2018 16:36
Residents are wondering why only this spot got replaced with a new curb while the others have been left untouched in its deplorable state. Pics via reader
Written by:
13 Feb 2018 16:36

We residents of Taman Transkrian in Nibong Tebal are wondering if the Seberang Perai Municipal Council have vision problems when executing their jobs.

Our housing estate is one of the oldest in the district, almost 40 years old.

The roads, pavements, drains and streetlights are aged and have definitely seen better days.

Most of the pavements are now in pieces and badly needs to be replaced.

Some are so bad we have to tread carefully for fear of them disintegrating into pieces.

The thing is, we are wondering how just one curb in the whole housing estate was replaced with a brand new one recently?

The brand new spanking pavement is so obvious that it sticks like a sore thumb and we residents are wondering why only that pavement got replaced and not the rest?

It is an interesting fact that one particular newly replaced curb happens to be located in front of the house of an influential businessman in the community.

So what about the rest of us whose homes are located along the same road and block?

As taxpayers, don’t we deserve new curbs too?

Care to explain what sort of double standard practice is this?

Keen Eye
Nibong Tebal




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