Vellfire with same plates spotted (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 13 May 2019 11:00
Written by:
13 May 2019 11:00

I am sure many of us would have encountered situations like this - where two vehicles have the same registration plate.

Recently, the owner of Toyota Vellfire spotted another vehicle which is similar to his and also has the same registration plate.

He has since lodged a police report.

This is certainly not something new in Malaysia and like many other problems, stems from corruption.

How could the owner of the second Vellfire get his roadtax done if not for some nonsense in the departments concerned.

To date, I must say Pakatan Harapan has done a good job in weeding out corruption and I hope the continue with this effort.

There is so much corruption in the country and I believe it will take several years before it can finally be cleaned up.

Simon Phang

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