Tourist takes a dump in PD beach!

Written by: MT Reader | 16 Apr 2019 14:23
Written by:
16 Apr 2019 14:23

I have heard numerous things about tourists from China, but never thought much about it.

However, if a recent viral picture of a woman taking a dump in Port Dickson is true, then the government must seriously look into these allegations.

The woman, apparently a tourist from China actually pooped in the sea!

Pictures of her squatting without her pants along the shores of Port Dickson have since gone viral and netizens are urging the relevant authorities to take action.

While many are doing their best to keep our beaches clean, we have this woman doing just the opposite.

There are limits to everything and this certainly takes the cake.

Perhaps there should be some G2G communication on how to resolve this problem involving tourists from China.

Leslie Teoh

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