Should he be allowed to become a doctor?

Written by: MT Reader | 11 Mar 2019 13:33
Written by:
11 Mar 2019 13:33

Seriously, do you think this guy should be a doctor?

I personally feel he will be a maniac and every female patient who goes to him will be at risk.

This is what he had to say following the recent death of Malaysian actress, Emily Kong.

Well, following this insensitive statement, IMU, where he studies, heard of it and apparently asked him to withdraw his post and apologise.

Furious netizens also started an online petition calling for stern action to be taken against him.

A Change.Org petition was created on 10 March, urging people "to do the right thing" by preventing the student from becoming a doctor.

The petition has since gone viral, quickly gaining more than 12,000 signatures.

IMU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Peter Pook Chuen Keat took to Facebook to respond to the issue.

However, the arrogant student responded, giving his own reasoning.

He wrote: “To clarify, anybody who has or is in an open relationship would understand that this is a normal happening. We go out at night with a special person for drinking, and we drop them home safely. We send them home. We protect them.” 

“And if they invite us to their place we go and be with them. We kiss, we bond, and we have sex. Our role is to protect them. In return, they give us a good surprise.” “I forgive those who made this viral despite me removing the comments. I forgive all the hate shown towards me or my acquaintance. I forgive all the vulgar messages I received. And because I forgive, I have not been affected by this at all.” 

“Your hatred has not got to me. I also forgive those instigating by misrepresenting the comments to get more likes. This is a social media disease.” 

“Let me be the bigger man here and not stoop to profanity or low level of language.” 

Netizens have since called on IMU to make public whatever action they take against this student as most feel this kind of student should not be allowed to be a doctor at all.

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