Senior citizen charged with insulting Islam

Written by: MT Reader | 27 Feb 2019 15:03
Written by:
27 Feb 2019 15:03

I am not a Muslim, but as a Malaysian, I respect all races and believe nobody has the right to insult anyone's beliefs and cultures.

If you do not understand another person's religion, then it is best for you not to say anything at all about it and to simply be respectful.

I was shocked to read about a 68-year-old man who was charged at over over an offensive caricature, said to be of Prophet Muhammad, which was posted on his Facebook account.

Wai Foo Sing pleaded not guilty after the charges were read out to him before at the Sessions court.

According to the first charge, Wai had allegedly uploaded a posting which could cause disharmony between Muslims and non-Muslims on a Facebook account under the name 'Foo Sing Wai' at 5pm on Feb 17.

The charge, under Section 298A(1)(a) of the Penal Code, carries imprisonment between two and five years if convicted.

On the second charge, Wai was accused of posting an offensive content via the same Facebook profile "Foo Sing Wai" with the intention to annoy any person, allegedly committed on the same day.

The charge, under Section 233(1)(a) of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Act 1998, carries a fine of up to RM50,000 or imprisonment up to one year or both and can be fined RM1,000 for every day the offence is continued after conviction.

To me, personally, this whole episode was totally uncalled for.

We have been living together for years and by now, we should have learnt to respect each other.

This old man was courting unnecessary trouble and now, he has to pay the price.

Teresa Ng
Kota Kinabalu

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