Send stray dogs to Korean meat market, says ADUN

Written by: MT Reader | 04 Dec 2018 19:00
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04 Dec 2018 19:00

This has to be by far the most ridiculous suggestion I have ever heard.

According to reports in the Chinese media, an Assemblyman from Umno for Tanjung Surat, Datuk Syed Sis Syed A. Rahman, suggested a great way to overcome the stray dog problem in Johor.

He said the state authorities should catch these dogs and then sell them to South Korea for their local dog meat market!

Amazing! According to him, South Korea slaughtered about 2 million dogs annually and this was a good solution to the state's stray problem.

And he goes on further to say that this can also increase the state government's revenue.

Seriously, I don't know where these people get their ideas from.

While everyone else in the world is trying to curb the dog meat market, this guy is encouraging it.

Teo Peck Soong
Johor Bahru

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