Scared to drive because of road rage incidents

Written by: MT Reader | 15 Dec 2018 13:42
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15 Dec 2018 13:42

The recent number of road rage incidents in the country is something which really scares me.

As a woman driver, I have become so terrified that I rather not even drive these days, but use Grab to get around.

How are people allowed to drive around with weapons in their cars?

Has it reached a point where you cannot even honk at another car for fear of being bashed up?

I think the only way to curb this problem is for the authorities to come up with a new law which deals specifically with incidents of road rage.

Letting these offenders off with just a fine is not going to stop them from doing it again.

We, women drivers are the most fearful and driving these days is no longer a joy as it used to be - the streets are filled with raged maniacs.

I really hope those in power can do something quick to make our streets safe again for drivers like us.

Sonia Lawrence
Subang Jaya

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