Sanitary towels mysteriously found in stroller

Written by: mottaman | 07 Mar 2019 14:04
Written by:
07 Mar 2019 14:04

Facebook user, Husna Nabilah was about to leave for Melbourne with her husband and child and was waiting near the KLIA 2 international departure hall.

Just before entering the hall, she decided to clean up a bag which contained some items they purchased at the airport.

She also cleaned up the storage compartment under her child's stroller and was surprised to see a pack of four sanitary towels.

"It was also not the brand I use and I told my husband about it.

"We just threw it away. I do not know how it got there or who put it there," she said.

She has since warned travelers to be extra cautious as someone could have easily thrown a packet of drugs into their kid's stroller.

"Please be careful and it is best to check all your belongings before going into departure," she said.

So guys, be careful.

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