Same sex couple beaten up by guards (video)

Written by: mottaman | 28 Dec 2018 08:49
Written by:
28 Dec 2018 08:49

A group of men bashed up two men - a couple of the same sex - after they allegedly caught them in the car together.

A video of the incident which was posted on Twitter shows that the couple were spotted by security guards who were patrolling the area.

Apparently, the security guards became very upset and while the couple were trying to put their clothes on, the guards pulled them out of the car.

The guards then began beating up the two men.

The video has since created mixed feelings among netizens, many of whom said that though they do not support same-sex relations, the guards should not have resorted to such violence.

Others have since called for the police to step in and take action against the the guards for taking matters into their own hands.

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