Retreaded tyres and road accidents

Written by: MT Reader | 04 Jan 2019 14:18
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04 Jan 2019 14:18

One thing our country is famous for is the high number of fatalities recorded each year on our roads.

And as a motorist, I am sure every one of you have noticed the number of retreads lying around on our roads, especially along highways and expressways.

I, personally have almost been killed by a retread which literally peeled off the lorry in front of me and came directly towards me.

Fortunately, it just flew over my car and landed on the road.

Recently, the Works Ministry revealed that over 10,000 accidents that occurred on highways in Malaysia each year were caused by retreaded tyres.

Its Minister Baru Bian said based on the statistics he received, this would amount to about 30 accidents a day due to the use of retreaded tyres.

"There are two contributing factors I am concerned about – that of overloaded lorries and the use of retreaded tyres.

"To have this many accidents because of retreaded tyres is serious," he said.

These figures are alarming and something must be done soon.

I believe this situation was caused mainly due to the high level of corruption at the enforcement level which is something that must be weeded out.

If not for the corruption, then how did these vehicles with such tyres end up on the roads in the first place?

I hope the government takes a serious stand on his issue and gets rid of those who were responsible for this.

Also, the government needs to crackdown on greedy lorry operators who constantly compromise on safety standards.

Hamzah Latiff

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