Reports of abused wildlife in Miri ignored

Written by: mottaman | 01 Feb 2019 14:34
Picture from The Star
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01 Feb 2019 14:34

Locals are upset with a "lame" reaction from the Miri Forestry Department over a complain regarding long-tailed macaques, a protected species illegally kept as pets.

According to The Star, these animals were kept under extremely cruel conditions.

However, Miri Forestry Department chief Anthony Banyan said his department has no proper equipment to rescue abused wildlife.

"Yes, there are complaints from the public about wildlife being abused; sometimes we receive up to four complaints daily.

"But we don't have the transport or the cages to rescue them".

Investigations revealed a case of a mother and baby macaques that were confined in a small cage under the sun at a house on Jalan Lawas in the Taman Tunku housing estate.

Apparently, five officers from the Miri Forestry Dept and Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) Miri office saw the macaques, but refused to rescue them.

When informed about the case, assemblyman for Piasau Datuk Sebastian Ting and assemblyman for Senadin Datuk Lee Kim Shin and Mayor Adam Yii promised to look into the case.

This is not the only instance of wildlife abuse in Miri or Sarawak.

In Tamu Muhibah and Centrepoint Tamu in Miri, there have been complaints about wildlife meat being sold, and live monkeys, tortoises and turtles being sold secretly for slaughter.

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